Monday, February 2, 2009

Where are we?

Did you ever wonder where you were?  I do all the time.  Well, when you visit the Porter Center at the Environmental Learning Center you are many places at the same time.  Of course you are on the Earth, and in the Solar System.  You are in the Northern Hemisphere and North America.  You are in  Ohio and in Lake County.  Where else are you?  Add your ideas to "where you are" in the comments below.  We will discuss these.


  1. Right you are Sarah. Concord is where the ELC is located. Do you know where this is in RELATION to where you live?

  2. No. I forget what relation means.

  3. Relative position. That means "how do the location of the two places relate to one another." Like How does the location of Mentor relate to the location of Cleveland in respect to your home. Mentor is about 10 miles from Perry and Cleveland is 40 miles from Perry, so Mentor is much closer to Perry. That is what we mean by relative position. RB


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