Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome To Porter Explorers

Welcome to the wilderness.  Well, it isn't really the wilderness, but it IS the Wilds Of Lake County.  The new Porter Program For Science and Mathematics building --The Lake Metroparks Environmental Learning Center, is our own "School In the Woods."  We call it a school in the woods.  What do you think this means?  You are the explorers.  What do you think a "School In the Woods" is.  Add your comments and lets talk about this idea. Watch the Welcome video below.  It contains a mystery question.  Can you answer it? Post your answers and comments by adding a comment below the video.  Then go on to the next posting. 


  1. This is where your comments to my questions will appear. R. Benz

  2. I think you are at the Atlantic coast Ryan Burko

  3. You are right. Actually I was at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Go take a look on Google Earth if you want. RB.


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