Friday, March 13, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere!

It is a very wet world out there! At this time of the year in Northern Ohio that statement has more than one meaning. It seems that the land is almost as wet as the rivers and streams. One needs only to try walking down the muddy trails to be reminded that March is as rainy around here as April is. But take a look at the rivers and streams and listen to the roaring rapids and you will know that most of the rain that falls is making its way into the streams and creeks of Lake County. Well that is what we will be looking at over the next two weeks. Watersheds make themselves rather obvious at this time of year. The bigger the watershed the more water. That is not a mysterious concept, but it does tell us about how long the river or stream or creek will be over run with water. If the watershed is small, the runoff water will fill the stream or creek and flow quickly until it is back at its "normal" volume. If the area of land is great, the water feature will be filled for a much longer period of time.

This week we will venture to the shore of Jordan Creek and take a look at the characteristics of this watershed. We will identify it on a topo map (be the first to comment below and tell me what a topo map is and get another "special" gift at our next meeting.) Next we will learn how to identify the test site itself (sketches in our journals, descriptions, and measurements.) Finally we will gather some beginning data about the chemical and physical characteristics. This preliminary information is what we call BASELINE DATA. That is what this next week involves. The following exploration will be about the BIOTA in Jordan Creek. What do you think I mean by BIOTA? What do you think we will be studying the week after this when we go down to Jordan Creek? Let me know what you think.

Here are a few pictures of Porter Explorers working and a few pictures of where we will we adventuring this coming week. RB

Sometimes we need to journal the nature all around us.

"What do you mean put scales and feathers on my fingers?"
When its rainy and cold you might have to draw pictures of your own hands!!

Here is where we are going this coming week.
The waters are flowing and data needs collectin'.......

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